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MacDougall Auctions is the only fine art auction house to specialise in Russian Art.

In the twelve months from July 2009 to June 2010, its auctions raised 20 m GBP, and it regularly establishes new world records, notably a 1.4m GBP masterpiece by Ilya Repin. In the December 2009 Russian Week in London, MacDougall's was number one for Russian paintings, the largest seller of the four auction houses with sales that week, and it sold the first and second most expensive paintings of the week. In the June 2010 Russian Week, MacDougall's was the second largest seller of Russian Paintings. For several years it has consistently been one of the top three auction houses in the world for Russian Art.

In June 2010 MacDougall's held the first specialist Russian Works on Paper auction, raising over 1.5 m pounds. In 2009, MacDougall's held its inaugural Auction of Icons of the Orthodox World, and in June 2010 it sold over 901,000 pounds worth of icons, the largest icon sale of the year, and confirming its place as the leader in this field.

While Russian Art continues as a speciality, MacDougall's will hold an auction of Old Masters and European Art in December 2010 and plans to develop this area as a growing part of the business, in part reflecting Russian interest in the area.

MacDougall's offers paintings and works of art from the 17th century to the present, plus icons, and has handled a range of important private collections, including the $2m Kosloff estate sale which set a world record price for a Korovin portrait of $750,000.

The concentrated approach to the Russian Art market is based on the firm's professional team of Russian Art experts, unrivalled by any other auction house. These experts' backgrounds include: The Tretyakov Gallery, The Grabar Institute, Christie's and Sotheby's. The narrow specialisation of each expert means clients get the most comprehensive service and advice available.

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William MacDougall

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