Бытовое и промышленное производство

Sly Filters was founded in 1874 as a manufacturer of foundry equipment. The company's experience with dusty environments lead to its development of dust collection equipment.

Sly holds the very first patent for a cloth-type dust collector issued in 1902. Our goal is to provide you with the dust  collector system that is specific to your exact needs. Because we make all our dust collectors and scrubbers in our own workshop, we can be flexible enough to make you the very best air pollution control equipment for your application.

Our customized approach to baghouses and scrubbers has earned us the respect and repeat business of many sophisticated buyers of pollution control equipment. These seasoned specifiers, many of whom purchase dozens of cartridge collectors, tubular or other baghouse collectors every few years, have always represented a large portion of our customer base.

For over 130 years, we have supplied baghouse dust collectors which have been used in many applications and industries for over 100 years. In fact, we actually hold the very first patent ever issued for cloth type collectors. You could say that Sly Filters invented to dust collector.

Sly Filters (Europe) offers you six different dust collection systems to suit your exact application: Dry Filter Dust Collectors, Wet Scrubbers Dust Collectors, Dust Collector.

For clients arriving from outside of the UK, please telephone us to advise us of your flight details. We can then arrange to have someone meet you at the airport and drive you to our offices.

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Linus Illsley-Ridge

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Unit 16 The Warren
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