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Corporate FX is a privately owned company. Registered in 2001 and based on Cornhill in the City of London since 2007, we are a market leader in supplying commercial foreign currency services and hedging strategies.

Our location means that we're at the heart of the 24-hour global foreign exchange markets and our growth is complemented by a 50 per-cent increase in the size of the teams that look after all aspects of buying and safely settling foreign currency. As a registered Money Services Business we are regulated by HM Revenue & Customs and act strictly in accordance with UK Money Laundering Regulations. We are also supervised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), under the Payment Services Regulations 2009. The Company has many long-standing financial count relationships and hosts client transaction accounts in all major currencies. Our team is made up of senior staff with over a hundred years experience of financial markets and who deliver sophisticated, first-class results.

Registered in December 2001, we operate at our registered address on Cornhill, in the City of London. We are a privately owned company. Since our launch we have made over 65,000 domestic and international payments and undertaken over £5.5bn transactions in 34 currencies. We offer four primary services: Corporate FX - Commercial hedging strategy and foreign currency services for the corporate market; Smart FX - An online payments solution and dealing platform; Personal FX - Foreign currency and international payments service for private individuals and soon to be launched Travel FX - Foreign currency for holidays, business and general overseas travel. We employ 50 staff offering a range of high-level employee benefits ensuring high retention and loyalty. Corporate FX is a division of Global Reach Partners Limited and registered for Money Laundering Regulations and Money Services Business at Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs. Registration No: 12140164

We offer a range of services, a number of products and a variety of currency trading mechanisms.  
Personal dealer 
Combining People with platforms 
Dealing on-line 
Treasury ManagementThis allows our clients to build an approach to buying and selling currency that not only makes sense of wildly fluctuating markets, but also meets specific needs. During the relationship building process, we establish exactly what your requirements are and how your business works. This in turn allows you to match what we have to offer, to provide real improvements in your processes and procedures. By combining individual foreign exchange broker services, commercial online currency trading, international payment platforms, treasury and risk management expertise, we are confident that we can add value to your business.

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Matthew Pilling

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62 Cornhill Street
England EC3V 3PL


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