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CarbonDesk Limited

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We execute trading either on the spot market (physical) using our DEFRA emissions registry, or the futures market using the European Climate Exchange (ECX). Our spectrum of expertise ensures that we deliver timely advice to our clients no matter their requirements.

ComplianceWe develop bespoke strategies for companies within the EU-ETS depending on the level of risk and return they are seeking as well as their overall financial strategy. Taking advantage of derivatives, insurance products and mechanisms with the scheme we construct strategies that serve to fulfill one or all of the following objectives:
• Minimise compliance cost within agreed risk parameters
• Generate cash
• Protect against volatility

Primary ProjectsOur origination team works with project owners to identify, develop and manage carbon projects from origination to carbon credit issuance.

We are interested in working with project owners developing projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation (JI) mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol, as well as Verified Emission Reduction (VER) projects. We are focused on helping clients demonstrate clear additionality, permanent emission reductions, certainty of offset delivery together with strong social and environmental benefits (with a view to achieving Gold Standard.)

Our services include
• Helping to identify and assess projects with the potential to generate substantial CO2 emission reductions and carbon credits. This may include assisting clients to identify carbon assets embedded in existing or potential assets and projects
• Assisting clients in developing project documentation and moving projects through the project cycle
• Advising clients on risk management techniques including insurance products
• Monetising carbon credits, working on behalf of project owners, to identify appropriate international buyers for carbon credits
• Assisting project owners in structuring and negotiating an Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA) with a view to meeting client objectives in terms of value, certainty, risk management and retention of upside potential.

We also work with project owners with issued credits to help them maximize the value from any credits that may be outside the scope of their ERPA commitments. ERPA purchasers on the other hand can meet their own objectives utilising our expertise in the full range of carbon financial instruments.

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Brett Stacey

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8th Floor Tenter House,  
45 Moorfields 
London EC2Y 9AE


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