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The Group is organised around two main businesses, SCOR Global P&C (Property and Casualty reinsurance) and SCOR Global Life (Life reinsurance), plus an asset management business, SCOR Global Investments.SCOR Global P&C and SCOR Global Life are leading global reinsurers, executing an underwriting policy focused on profitability, developing value-added services and adhering to a cautious financial policy in order to meet the expectations of their clients in terms of security.

Thanks to its two main business lines, the Group is active throughout the world, which means it can serve the interests of both its French and international clients as effectively as possible. The Non-Life and Life sectors, which are entirely uncorrelated, contribute in equal measure to the Group's success, providing it with stability and guaranteeing lower volatility.

SCOR Global P&C has a strong presence on the European markets and is well positioned in Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. In the Americas, SCOR generates almost one fifth of its Non-Life revenues.

SCOR Global P&C maintains business relations with some 1,500 clients in Treaty business and 1,400 Large Corporate clients. The company manages a diversified portfolio, with a balance of emerging and developing markets as well as more mature markets.

SCOR Global Life has a strong presence on the traditional European markets, which represent two thirds of the premiums written in Europe. Thanks to significant investments in a broad range of value-added services, SCOR Global Life has strengthened its presence on the British and Asian markets. In the USA, SCOR Global Life has reached critical size and has the necessary presence to pursue its development.

SCOR Global Life counts some 1,900 clients. Over 75% of its business is concentrated in traditional mortality and financing business. This contributes significantly to the diversification of the SCOR group, as does the low volatility of the Life sector, where considerable entry barriers favour well-established players.

SCOR Global Investments is the asset management company of the SCOR Group, the fifth largest reinsurer in the world. Regulated by the French financial market regulatory body, the Autorité des marchés financiers(“AMF”) since May 2009, SGI manages the investment portfolio of all of the SCOR Group’s entities both directly and indirectly, thanks to a team of around 45 experts with a diverse range of skills.



SCOR Corporate Foundation
5, avenue Kléber
75795 Paris Cedex 16
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