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Whether you have a commercial or residential requirement, Integrated Security Group provides customized solutions utilizing non-proprietary equipment to meet your needs.

Founded by Harry Azano CPP CFE in 1984 as The Professionals, we have since raised the bar on service throughout Metropolitan New York, Connecticut and New England areas and beyond when it comes to integrated security and fire alarm systems.


Our philosophy has always been to speak truth so you are armed with all the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions that speak to protecting your most valuable assets and designed for your unique space.

We are security consultants, not sales people. Rather than sell a collection of security products, we take a broad and comprehensive approach to assessment that trouble shoots virtually any threat.


With nearly 100 years of combined experience in a variety of security and life safety areas, our team assessment collaboration examines each situation from multiple angles and expertise. We not only understand what it takes to design, install, service and support these systems for our clients, we know why and how they can work for you.

Product-neutral, we do not sell or install any proprietary products to our customers. You should always have the option to seek out the best provider for services and that cannot be accomplished if you are utilizing proprietary equipment only a select few can handle.


Regardless of system or performance, we place a premium on our people as a critical component of our process. Our hours are your hours. Responsive and professional customer service, monitoring and system analysis are at the forefront of what we do.


We recognize cost and price is a factor in making decisions. By speaking truth in security and providing you the big-picture analysis, you are more qualified to make critical decisions related to your situation. Always contingent upon your custom requirements, the truth is your current system might not be adequate. In which case, the cost-decision comes down to mitigating current risk potential or potentially dealing with larger, significant costs resulting from a breach. We never want to see your worst case scenario or its crippling after-effects.


We expect to earn your business each and every day; this approach keeps us on our toes, working with you every day throughout our relationship not just during the sale process.

We have grown into a full service security consulting firm with a traditional approach to customer relationships that focus on caring for their needs. It has been our guiding principle for nearly 25 years and will continue to be for future decades.



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