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Founded in Paris in 1920, Gide now numbers 17 offices worldwide and is one of the leading international law firms.

Our 600 lawyers, including 98 partners, drawn from 35 different nationalities and representing 41 of the world's bar associations, are recognised as being among the most talented specialists in all fields of national and international business law.

We offer legal advice and assistance across a broad spectrum of disciplines to businesses, public and private sector institutions, investment funds and governments.

Wherever we work in the world, be it Western EuropeCentral and Eastern Europethe AmericasAsia,Africathe Mediterranean and Middle-East region, we guarantee our clients perfect knowledge of the local markets, regional expertise and the resources of a truly international firm.

Our clients expect the best from their lawyers. To this end, we always call upon our talents and pool our skills and experience to offer tailored and cross-disciplinary solutions that meet our clients’ legal needs.

The issues we work on require the greatest care and attention. Thoroughness is inherent to the practice of law and is essential in analysing a case; it is vitally important in providing first-rate solutions to our clients.

Passion for law
We are brought together by a common passion for our profession.  Practising law is about being visionary, about never stopping, and about placing curiosity and open-mindedness at the service of our work.

Conquering spirit
Established frontiers are no longer enough. Our commitment is to go ever further, to build a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural expertise that enables us to give our clients the most suitable response to the legal matter at hand.

Gide is a proactive firm whose command of and passion for law drive the legal practice in every field it is present in. We always encourage questioning and open mindedness to offer the best response to our clients wherever the existing legal framework offers none.

For us, the human dimension of our profession is paramount. It is the major asset of a successful partnership, whether between Gide lawyers or between Gide and its clients.



Gide Loyrette Nouel A.A.R.P.I.
22 cours Albert Ier - 75008 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)1 40 75 60 00
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