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Russian Linguistic Services is a UK-based boutique language agency set up in 1995 in the UK by a group of Russian and English language experts and enthusiasts.

From the start we wanted to offer a genuinely comprehensive, one-stop solution to the different communication needs of our clients: not only translation and interpreting, but also voice-overs, language coaching, cultural briefings, copy writing, editing, research... all done under one umbrella, and centering around just one core language. Hence our name, Russian Linguistic Services.

We have grown since, and now offer language combinations with some Slavonic languages (like Ukrainian, Belorussian, Bulgarian) as well as most mainstream languages. But we still stick to Russian as our linchpin language. Ask us for any language combination with Russian, and we shall move heaven and earth to find a solution...

We feel very passionately about working well with words, giving total support to our fellow linguists, striving for excellence, welcoming challenges and impossible deadlines, and would love to hear your comments and suggestions on how to provide you with an even better offering, both today and tomorrow! We can help you reach the hearts and minds of your target audience by using the best simultaneous and consecutive interpreting talent – we travel to wherever your event is taking place. Our translators and editors will work to your brief, get your message across and tailor-make the translated copy for its end-users with the right terminology and style.

Our copy writers and PR specialists from our sister company, RLS Public Relations, (www.rlspr.com) will write your copy from scratch – anything from press releases and web blogs to company brochures and corporate books. We can also communicate your corporate message to the media in the target country (Russia or the UK). Our male and female Russian and English voice-over artists will breathe life into your corporate videos and training CDs. Our presentation trainers will record your speech or any chosen text in an MP3 format so that you can rehearse it or just listen to it at your own pace, and work on your accent and audio comprehension skills (be it English or Russian).

We provide our clients with the security of knowledge that their spoken and written messages will be delivered with 100% precision and sensitivity, across borders, cultures, language barriers and different oral and printed media – a service delivered to Russian speakers from the CIS countries and to all English speaking clients globally. Our motto is "working well with words" – and we have experience of satisfying the most demanding clients!

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New Lodge, Drift Road, 
Windsor, Berks


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+440 1344 894504

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