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Amsterdam and Peroff

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Amsterdam & Peroff offers legal counsel to companies and individuals facing critical challenges.

Whether the problem involves illegal conduct by a sovereign state, complex multi-jurisdictional disputes, or corporate risk mitigation in emerging markets, Amsterdam & Peroff is able to assess, advise and implement a strategic 360 degree solution in support of its clients.

The company draws upon its extensive experience to assemble precisely tailored international and local teams of lawyers and consultants who - together with the company's partners - execute the strategy.
For 30 years, the partners of Amsterdam & Peroff have developed particular experience and intimate knowledge of how the legal, media and political systems in the US, Canada and Europe fuse together with the systems in many of the world's toughest emerging markets including Latin and Central America, Russia/CIS, Africa and Asia.

Practice areas: Transnational litigation, International arbitration, Investment treaty arbitration, International trade and WTO, Political risk assessment, Political advocacy, Foreign Investment protection, International commercial transactions. 
Amsterdam & Peroff deploys political advocacy where needed as part of overall legal strategy to resolve clients' needs. Political advocacy can be helpful as a means to encourage decision-makers in countries where the rule of law is weak to use their influence to depoliticise a case and allow the judicial system to function without political interference.
Equally, political advocacy may involve creating political pressure by foreign governments to help ensure fair treatment of a client's issue. The ability to integrate the legal and political dimensions is one of Amsterdam & Peroffs recognised strengths.

Robert Amsterdam is the founding partner of the law firm Amsterdam & Peroff, specializing in international business law and politically complex cases, with offices in Toronto, Washington, and London. Founded in 1980, Amsterdam's firm and network of affiliates have been at the forefront of many landmark cases involving the overlap between public and private sectors, working across the globe from Russia to Venezuela to Nigeria and beyond. Amsterdam is a member of the Canadian and International Bar Associations, and the Law Society of Upper Canada. He is licensed as a solicitor in the United Kingdom. He earned his BA from Carleton University in Ottawa and studied law at Queens University in Ontario (LLB).

Адрес: 10 Lloyds Avenue - 2nd Floor, London, EC3N 3AX


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