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Neal Brothers Limited

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Neal Brothers are major specialist export packers of capital equipment established in 1916.

With nearly 100 years if experience, this privately owned and professionally managed business offers fit-for-purpose export packing solutions, consolidation, warehousing, inspection and quality check of packing level worldwide. Neal Brothers operate owned fully equipped freight stations, consolidation lay-down areas and export packing buildings in the strategic areas. Add to that leading role in the INPRO, the International Export Packing and Routing Organisation, and Neal Brothers  are truly a Global Export Packing Solutions Provider.

As one of the internationally recognized names in the Export Packing Industry Neal Brothers is a committed ethics driven organisation combining old-fashioned customer satisfaction values and cost-efficient technologies. Established technical expertise, multinational human resources, Quality and Health, Safety and Environment compliance programmes, management commitment and user-friendly interfacial IT systems are the values which make Neal Brothers a reliable business partner.

Our diverse portfolio encompasses Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining, Electrical, Machine Tool, Automotive, Construction and Government services worldwide
Neal Brothers are committed to offering a true 'One-Stop-Shop' through a complete range of services. Each site is self sufficient and staffed with expert personnel, fully trained to protect, pack and ship your product.
Stock control, storage, consolidation, switching and buffer stocking of optional or ancillary items are all part of this total service, in addition to bulk purchasing and in-house crate and case making for standard or special designs.
Neal Brothers also enjoy extensive communication links with and between customers, shipping lines, port operators, customs and freight forwarders; including EDI links with their offices.

At Neal Brothers we are continuously investing in People, Buildings and Equipment so that we have got the right tool to provide you with the superior quality service. The majority of our buildings are owned. Each site is self-sufficient and staffed by experienced personnel fully trained to prepare, protect and export pack to withstand transportation through multiple transit mode, frequent handling and climate hazards. Our modern and flexible infrastructure includes
350 specialist industry people
1,5 million sq. ft of operating factories/warehouses
Up to 50 ton forklift trucks
Up to 80 ton gantry cranes
40 ton mobile crane
5 yard tractors
50 various vehicles
Liveried vehicles (articulated lorries, vans, low loaders and specialist vehicles)

Neal Brothers continue investing in the state-of-the-art machinery and equipment 
to reduce waste and maximise production efficiency. Our established procurement and production control systems allow us: Importing of timber to ensure continuity of supply and competitive prices; Spraying, stencilling and branding; Cutting, planning and re-sawing; On-site Kilning Facilities for drying & ISPM 15 Heat Treatment.

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Gary White

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Queens Building
Hastings Road
United Kingdom


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+ 440116 274 0005

+ 440116 274 2028


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