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Albion Overseas Limited

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Albion (Overseas) Limited is a company dedicated to the advancement of business in Russia.

The business is run by three directors, two British and one Russian. All the employees of Albion are fluent in Russian and extremely experienced in the art of conducting business in Russia and Western Europe. Albion was set up in the mid-nineties, originally to supply construction products to Russia, although the trading portfolio now includes a very broad range of products.

Albion also offers consultancy, including short-term assistance - finding a distributor, helping with certification, etc. Albion's long-term consultancy covers business development and the ability to offer clients a Moscow rep service amongst other things. For an affordable fee, the client is provided with his own Moscow office and a member of staff to drive the business forwards, without the usual bureaucracy and expense. This gives clients the ability to sell to a much larger client base for local currency.

We are among other things exclusive distributors for McAlpine in Scotland, and have recently begun working with Marley. Based in the UK, we have offices and warehouses in Moscow, and a network of sub - distributors throughout Russia, administered from Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

We assist companies to establish business in Russia, helping them to become independent quickly. Albion increases clients opportunities, and can resolve specific problems, troubleshooting on a case by case basis. Our trading experience and infrastructure means we are familiar with cross-border trade, Customs, certification and so on, and can offer anything from a one-off list of potential distributors in Russia, to a full infrastructure. The latter can include a staffed Moscow office with dedicated telephone line and warehouse facilities. With this, we also offer assistance with procedural issues and with logistics. The client is never left alone. And it is not expensive.

Russia Footprint
"You never save your way through a downturn. You innovate through it" Craig Barrett - Chairman of the Board, Intel Corp

The footprint service assists companies to set up and conduct business in Russia. As exporters, we are familiar with cross-border trade, Customs, certification, cost-reduction, business development, troubleshooting and so on. As we are not involved in a client´s sphere of business, we remain objective, and we do not take commissions.

Service includes:
Dedicated Russian salesperson, reporting exclusively and directly to the client. 
Commercial assistance from Albion UK and Albion Russia, including but not limited to finding and maintaining contacts, negotiations, contract assistance, Customs issues, etc. 
Resolution of current problems such as currency transfers, Customs, freight routing, etc 
Use of Moscow warehouse 
Use of central Moscow office 
Communication with Albion in the UK for fast and clear assistance. 
Full compliance with the Russian law on taxation etc 
Administration of local expenses in Russia 
Consignee address for client samples, literature, stock 
Monitoring of your salesperson in Moscow by our local company Director (if you wish) 
Miscellaneous assistance through Albion's other activities (event, publications) 
Assistance in cost-reduction on issues such as air tickets, Moscow trips, visas, etc. 
The main advantages:
Client's management freed up to develop other markets 
Client actively participates in the selection of the candidate to represent their interests in Russia. 
Bureaucracy is reduced to almost zero. 
An objective client presence in Russia to complement and control whatever work you may develop with distributors. 
Our methodology even gives client the possibility to dispense with distributors if desired, so securing a far greater profit margin, ensuring total control over your product, and avoiding the risk of distributor relationship breakdown. 
The Moscow infrastructure can be used not only for sales, but also for research, market analysis, information on product certification and registration, translation, travel arrangements, logistics, internet development, preliminary discussions, visiting trade fairs, preparing client visits to Russia, prospecting travel to regional Russia, Customs clearance, future monitoring of distributors, future training of your customers, etc. This work is within the Albion fee, and without further charges. 
This methodology opens up the possibility of engaging in local currency product sales, whilst receiving the profit in the hard currency of your choice, a possibility which remains closed to most companies. 
Rapid entry and exit strategy. client only continues paying if the business is growing. 
For your peace of mind, we welcome a conversation between client and our existing clients. 
If client becomes unhappy with our joint choice of Russian manager, we replace him/her at no charge. 
A Russian local talking to Russians in Russia increases effective communication. 
We are on hand always to offer free of charge assistance on areas, which can be complex for any company (tariffs, certificates, Customs procedures, etc).

Ellion House
6 Alexandra Road
Kent TN9 2AA

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David Cant

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Jill Greenhalgh
PA to Director
Tel: +44 1732 769 003

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Margaret Sarjeant

Business Development & Sales Manager
Tel: +44 1732 769 004
Fax: +44 1732 770 912 

Представитель организации в РФ:
Михаил Кондрашов

Адрес: 125040, Москва, Скаковая улица, дом 9, офис 529


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+7 495 741 4819

+7 495 945 2781

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