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Welcome to Pritchitts, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of high quality super pasteurised fresh and long life dairy and dairy related products.

We deliver specialist value-added products to the global foodservice, bakery and retail markets to over 70 countries. Pritchitts is a division of Lakeland Dairies, an Irish dairy co-operative with manufacturing facilities in the north and south of Ireland. Our consistently high quality and superb tasting dairy products are partly the result of the excellent source of milk used in the production process. This milk is of a high standard because our dairy cows graze on the rich, green, nutritious pastures of Ireland. Aided by unpolluted rainfall and clean air brought by the westerly winds across 3000 miles of Atlantic ocean and the long cool, wet summers, the Irish pastures are conducive to the best grazing conditions found anywhere.

Founded in 1925 and acquired by Irish Dairy cooperative Lakeland Dairies in 2003, Pritchitts has grown from a UK based operator to a global market leader in the manufacturing of dairy based products designed primarily to meet the needs of today's foodservice customers. Recently our experience has also broadened into bakery and retail. The company boasts state-of-the-art manufacturing, a blue chip customer base and global coverage.

Links with local and international ingredient suppliers, and ongoing research ensures we are delivering the world's best practice dairy concepts to our UK and international customers. The majority of our products are developed with the professional in mind, delivering high quality yet functional products to busy kitchens, bakeries and homes around the world. We are proud to have introduced chefs across the globe to our wide portfolio of dairy based products. Our high performance creams have been leading the market for over 25 years. Our quality soft serve Comelle ice cream is ever popular, and Pritchitts Millac Maid mini pots are now the number one choice for catering establishments. Recent years have seen an increase in new product development where we have expanded our offering into new consumer led propositions such as flavoured milks, cappuccino milk, gourmet ice cream and frozen yoghurt. We now offer over 170 branded products, many unique in the global marketplace, and some 75 customer own label products.

Pritchitts prides itself on technical excellence. Our staff, located in Newtownards in Northern Ireland, Killeshandra and Bailieborough in Ireland and Bromley in England, specialise in research and development, food safety and quality assurance, logistics, sales, customer service and marketing - allowing us to manage every aspect of the dairy supply chain.

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Comelle House
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Bromley, Kent


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